Our fleet

Tractors with square semitrailers of dump truck-type

There are 6 dump trucks with a square body at our disposal. Those are all-purpose dump trucks fit for carrying any type of bulk cargo.

The main advantage of this kind of transport is the capacity for carrying big volumes of materials. Such a dump truck is just indispensable as an off-the-road vehicle since it is capable of providing a high traction.

Tractors with round semitrailers of dump truck-type

The truck fleet operated by VESD includes 7 dump trucks with a round body. The dump trucks with round bodies are lighter; moreover, they provide smooth convergence of the cargo due to their shape.  

This type of a trailer is the best-fit one for hot asphalt transportation and is widely used in road construction.

Tractors with a “blind-type” semitrailer

This type of transport is used to carry a wide range of goods including long-sized cargoes that cannot be transported in separate parts.

Whatever kind of cargo may be transported by you, we can offer you the most complete package of services due to the well-selected composition of road transport.